Opera meets ...


Bavaria meets Dalmacija is a concert series of young German soprano Dorothee Kochfrom Munich. Her father startet a local concert series in 2014, which she then took over the the organization 2017 under "Bavarska susreće Damaciju". They invited artists from for example Germany, Japan, Bulgaria, Mexican especially from Zagreb and locally from the island Paśman.
It was important to focus on the regional and cultural beauty of Croatia. That's why every year they had a Klapa group as special guest who sang wonderful old dalmatian songs.
This led to the exciting concept that opera met Klapa, Bavaria met Dalmatia, but also old met new, because at the end and highlight of the concerts, opera singers and Klapa sang songs by Oliver Dragojevic or Tomislav Bralic together.
Alina Behning and Dorothee Koch get to know each other while a production of Operastudio Molise Italy. Together they want to revive this concert series, which came to a stop while the corona pandemic, and increase the project with new intercultural ideas. 

Old Project

Some impressions of "Bavaria meets Dalmacija" from 2014 till 2019.


Cast for 2024

Project "Bavaria meets Dalmacija"

Andrea Calce - Tenor - Italy

Przemysław Baranek - Baritone - Poland

Alina Behning - Mezzosoprano - Germany

Dorothee Koch - Soprano - Germany